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Compares and contrasts Montessori's developmental perspectives on middle childhood and adolescence.

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Montessori Perspectives on Education in Middle Childhood and Adolescence

"Education between the ages of six to twelve is not a direct continuation of that which has gone before, though it is built upon that basis. Psychologically there is a decided change in personality, and we recognize that nature has made this a period for the acquisition of culture, just as the former was for the absorption of the environment." (Maria Montessori as quoted in To Educate the Human Potential, 1947, p. 3)

Montessori education is most well known for its early childhood program, but Maria Montessori also delineated developmental visions for both middle childhood (ages 6-12) and adolescence (ages 12 - 18).
📌 In the Niagara Region, where Brock University is based, Wheatley School, an independent private school, offers Primary, Lower Elementary, and Upper Elementary programs, all of which are modelled on Montessori education. Browse the school's website to learn how the Montessori philosophy is communicated to parents who may be interested in enrolling their children in the school.
At its website, the Association of Montessori Internationale lists several Maria Montessori quotations that closely align with the Montessori vision for education in the elementary and secondary years.

Browse through the quotations and consider the relevance of each to learning in Montessori elementary and secondary schools. Then log into the LMS and answer the following forum question which is a graded task:
Q19.4: Navigate to the "Montessori 6-12" and "Montessori 12-18" web pages that are linked to on the "Montessori Perspectives on Education in Middle Childhood and Adolescence" topic page. Choose a quotation from each of the two web pages. Copy and paste the two quotations into your answer (enclose both in quotation marks). Then (in a new paragraph) compare the two quotations, distinguishing between Montessori's developmental perspectives on middle childhood (age 6-12) and adolescence (age 12-18). (Actions: Post (Mon-Thu) and Respond (Fri-Sun) | 450 - 500 words total (including the two quotations you are comparing))
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