Foundations of Education


Links to an online reading which advocates for the 'education for disciplinary initiation' philosophy.

Graded Tasks

  • prepare for your seminar this week

Reading: Education for Disciplinary Initiation

Read and reflect on the "3 Strategies for Setting Up Rigorous Expectations with Students" article that is published by Edutopia, one of the leading professional development websites for teachers in North America.

Reading Analysis

In preparation for your seminar this week, write out an answer to the following question. Your TA may call on you to share your answer in the seminar:
Q20.4: Reflecting on the article that is linked to on the "Reading: Education for Disciplinary Initiation" topic page, explain how the article embodies the principles of the disciplinary initiation philosophy. (Answer Length: 100 - 125 words | Format: Sentences)
Potential Seminar Question