Foundations of Education


Introduces the Ontario curriculum.

Introduction to the Ontario Curriculum

The Ontario curriculum comprises the knowledge and skills that are taught to students at each grade level in Ontario's publicly funded elementary and secondary schools.

The Ontario curriculum is organized into separate curriculum documents, each of which covers specific subject(s). Each curriculum document is further divided into grade levels, strands, and topics. The curriculum documents also include front matter which in part describe subject-centric teaching and learning best practices.

Ontario teachers have some discretion in how they teach the curriculum, but what they teach is largely proscribed by the Ontario curriculum which is overseen by the Ontario Ministry of Education.

The Elementary Curriculum

The elementary curriculum documents include:

  • Language (last revised in 2006)
  • Mathematics (2020)
  • Science and Technology (2007)
  • Social Studies, History and Geography (2018)
  • The Arts (2009)
  • Health and Physical Education (2019)

Additionally, there are specialized elementary curriculum documents for:

  • The Kindergarten Program (2016)
  • Native Languages (2001)
  • French as a Second Language (2013)

The Secondary Curriculum

The secondary curriculum documents include:

  • English (last revised in 2007)
  • Mathematics (2021)
  • Science (2008)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities (2013)
  • Canadian and World Studies (2018)
  • The Arts (2010)
  • Health and Physical Education (2015)
  • Business Studies (2006)
  • Computer Studies (2008)

Additionally, there are specialized secondary curriculum documents for:

  • American Sign Language as a Second Language (2021)
  • Classical Studies and International Languages (2016)
  • Cooperative Education (2018)
  • English As a Second Language and English Literacy Development (2007)
  • First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Studies (2019)
  • French as a Second Language (2014)
  • Guidance and Career Education (2006)
  • Interdisciplinary Studies (2002)
  • Native Languages (2000)
  • Technological Education (2009)

📌 In the final two certification years of Brock University's concurrent education program, Primary/Junior (P/J) and Junior/Intermediate (J/I) teacher candidates complete dedicated P/J or J/I courses in the following curriculum subjects: Language; Mathematics; Science and Technology; Social Studies, History and Geography; The Arts (including Dance, Drama, Music, and the Visual Arts), and Health and Physical Education.

Intermediate/Senior (I/S) teacher candidates complete two dedicated courses in each of the two subject teachables they have chosen to specialize in.