Foundations of Education


Students look for evidence of the disciplinary initiation philosophy in an Ontario curriculum document.

Graded Tasks

  • prepare for your seminar this week

Curriculum Analysis

Choose one of the elementary or secondary Ontario curriculum documents. Download it in PDF format.

Browse the curriculum document for evidence of the disciplinary initiation philosophy.
📌 You do not need to read the entire curriculum document. Skimming through the document, focusing on those sections which are of the most interest to you is all that is expected. In addition to browsing the curriculum document, you can refer to the table of contents and use your PDF reader's search function to find text quickly.
In preparation for your seminar this week, write out an answer to the following question. Your TA may call on you to share your answer in the seminar:
Q20.6: In the Ontario curriculum document you have downloaded, cite one example as to how the disciplinary initiation philosophy has influenced the curriculum document. Note the curriculum document title and page number. Quote the text you have found. Briefly indicate why this text serves as evidence of the influence of the disciplinary initiation philosophy on the curriculum document. (Answer Length: 100 - 125 words + quoted text | Format: Sentences)
Potential Seminar Question