Foundations of Education


Links to an online reading which advocates for the 'education for social change' philosophy.

Graded Tasks

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Reading: Education for Social Change

"More and more adolescents are feeling like they don’t want to use terms. They don’t want to be boxed in; they don’t want to use gendered pronouns. Students are describing themselves, their sexual orientations, and their gender identities in an expansive way."

Read and reflect on the "20 Years of Data Shows What Works for LGBTQ Students" article that is published by Edutopia, one of the leading professional development websites for teachers in North America. The above quotation comes from the article.

Reading Analysis

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Q20.5: Reflecting on the article that is linked to on the "Reading: Education for Social Change" topic page, discuss how the school experiences of LGBTQ+ students have changed over the last 20 years. What more work needs to be done to support LGBTQ+ youth? (Actions: Post (Mon-Thu) and/or Respond (Fri- Sun) | 100 - 150 words total)
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