Foundations of Education


Introduces the Government of Canada's website for new Canadians.

Key Concepts

  • English language learning

New Canadians and Education

Each year, Canada welcomes about 350 000 new Canadians who immigrate to Canada from other countries. () Many immigrate to Canada in family units. The children in these family units continue (or start) their schooling in Canada. () Those who do not speak English receive additional school supports through English Language Learning (ELL) programs. ELL is a specialized teaching role. ()

The Government of Canada has developed resources for new Canadians that include general information about education in Canada. Watch the video below which will assist you with your major task for this week:

Next, take a few minutes to browse the Government of Canada website for new Canadians.

Doing so will also assist you with this week's major task which is described on the next topic page.