Foundations of Education


Introduces the Ontario Teachers' Federation and its affiliate organizations which represent teachers across the province.

Key Concepts

  • Ontario Teachers' Federation
  • OTF affiliates

Ontario Teachers' Federation

The Ontario Teachers' Federation (OTF) represents all of the teachers in Ontario’s publicly funded schools. Per its website, "OTF’s primary role is advocating for the teaching profession, for its member teachers and for publicly funded education. It is OTF’s statutory duty to work explicitly and implicitly in the interest of the province’s teachers. Unlike the Affiliates, OTF does not engage in collective bargaining. However, OTF does take positions to support teachers’ ability to offer the best professional service and speaks out on issues of general education policy."

Watch the following video which introduces the Ontario Teachers' Federation:

OTF Affiliates

In accordance with the Education Act, all teachers in Ontario's publicly funded schools are members of the Ontario Teachers' Federation, as well as an OTF affiliate (). The OTF affiliates are:

📌 Visit the website for the OTF affiliate you are likely to belong to once you begin your career as a teacher. Take few minutes to browse the website content.