Foundations of Education


Watch and comment on a video which shows snapshots of classrooms around the world.

Graded Tasks

  • contribute to the LMS forums

Classrooms Around the World 1

Having introduced comparative education from an academic point of view, let's take a look at a few videos which explore comparative education in practice.

Complete the following tasks in sequence:

1. Watch the video below which shows snapshots of classrooms around the world. Look deeply into the video for similarities and differences between the different classrooms in the video, as well the classrooms you are familiar with from your own schooling:

2. Log into the LMS and answer the following forum question which is a graded task:
Q3.2: Generally speaking, do the classrooms that are depicted in the video on the "Classrooms Around the World I" topic page match up with your preconceived notions as to the different types of classrooms students are educated in throughout the world? If yes, explain how your understandings match up with the video. If no, explain how your understandings are different? (Actions: Post and/or Respond (Mon-Sun) | 175 - 225 words total)
LMS Forum Question
3. After you have answered the above question, proceed to the next task in this activity by choosing the "Classrooms Around the World 2" topic page from the menu bar above.