Foundations of Education


Introduces the topics for this week.

Course Components

Course Website: Yes
Scheduled Plenary: No
Scheduled Seminar: Yes - refer to your timetable for time and location
Online Forums: No


Week 4 defines 'education' as a formal area of scholarship and 'schools' as a formal institution within society. The major policy provisions in Ontario's Education Act, which governs educational policy in the province, are introduced. The organization of elementary and secondary education in Ontario is reviewed with specific attention to the roles of the major stakeholder organizations/positions and how schools are financed.

Foundational Focus: Educational Governance

Required Readings

Robson, Karen L. (2019). Chapter 4: The Structure of Education in Canada. Sociology of Education in Canada. Toronto: Open Library Press Books.
📌 Note: You are encouraged to read the full chapter. However, you are required to read the following chapter sections: "Introduction"; "Pre-Elementary Programs"; "Elementary and Secondary Programs"; "Funding of Primary and Secondary Education in Canada"; "School Governance"; "Separate School Boards"; and "French-Language Programs".