Foundations of Education


Presents a video about schools in Germany.

Graded Tasks

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Comparing Schools in Canada and Germany

Review the forum question below. Then watch the following video:

Log into the LMS and answer the following forum question which is a graded task:
Q3.5: With reference to the three videos about education in Finland, Singapore, and Germany, identify a common theme that is emphasized in two or more of the videos. Why do you think the producers of the videos chose to emphasize this theme? (Actions: Post and/or Respond (Mon-Sun) | 125 - 175 words total)
LMS Forum Question
📌 In analyzing videos, you can focus on more than just what is said explicitly. For example, you can identify similarities and differences solely from the visuals in a video. (Consider watching a video a second time with the sound turned off. What do you notice in the foreground and/or background?) Sometimes things that are said in passing can also be of significance.

A reminder that for this forum question you can choose to post an answer to the question directly and/or respond to another student's post. If you read something of interest that another student has written, your contribution can be a response to this student.